Since 2009, Priority Orange have been staking their place in the Adelaide music scene. Determined to stand apart from other bands, they've successfully woven many under-represented genres into a singular sound that is truly unique.

Frequent comparisons to acts such as Alice In Chains, Faith No More, Helmet, Down, strongly hints that the band's original compositions are in a world-class standard.

With the two EPs released in 2009 and 2011 to appreciative reviews, that signature sound had already begun to evolve from alternative-grunge to include progressive-rock elements, and the third record will explore adding concepts from extreme metal into the mix. "If the first EP was Duplo, and the second one was Lego, the third will be like Meccano; sharp, pointy and metallic. And heavier."

Larry Ash - guitars/vocals
Shaun Hurrell - drums
Danny Riot - bass
Tim Koster - guitars


Priority Orange - Mk II (April 2011)

1. H.I.T.P. [4:45]
2. The Diode [4:22]
3. Cammy [4:38]
4. Not Naming Names (live) [3:38]

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Larry Ash: guitars, vocals, production, synthesisers, programming
Shaun Hurrell: drums
Max Duncan: bass [1/4], vocals, cowbell [1]
Lisa Lane-Collins: guitars, vocals [1/2], synthesisers
Mino Kolega: vocals
Matthew R. Davis: bass [2], synth bass [2]
Simon Henderson: bass [3]
Mika El Inspire Wonder: vocals [3]
Tim Dodd: saxophone [2]
Jaime Dowling: vocals [2]

Recorded and mixed at French Fry Phantom Studios, Adelaide
Drums tracked at The Drama Studio
Mastered by Owen Gillett at Diskedits

Music & lyrics by Larry Ash
Band photography by Phebe Rendulic

Track 4 recorded live-to-air at Radio Adelaide 101.5FM on Tuesday 30 March 2010

© 2011 FFPS Records. All rights reserved.

Priority Orange - EP (September 2009)

1. Left To My Own [4:32]
2. Anyway [4:28]
3. More [3:42]
4. Pigmeat [4:15]

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Larry Ash: guitars/vocals/bass/programming/samples/production
Music & lyrics by Larry Ash
With contributions to tracks 1-3 by Mino Kolega

Recorded/mixed at French Fry Phantom Studios during 2008-2009
Additional tracking at Sunset Rehearsals [1-3], The Green Fortress [4] (Feb 2006), Saint Alfonzo's [1-4], Adelaide Uni [2-3]
Mastered by Owen Gillett at Nannahaus
Band photography by Tim Dodd

© 2009 FFPS Records. All rights reserved.




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Sat 29 Sep Enigma Bar Brat 86, Beginning To Breathe
Sat 28 Apr Ed Castle Katana Cartel, Raven Black Night, As I Destruct


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Fri 20 Jan Enigma Bar Hivemind, Six-1-Six, Letters To Amy


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Sat 27 Aug Crown & Sceptre The Unset, Canephora, Izera
Fri 15 Jul Enigma Bar Lead Worm, ├ćnima, Hivemind, Born Of Dust
Sat 9 Jul Land Of Promise Hotel Carcosa, Full Dose, Mind Remover
Sat 16 Jan Worldsend Hotel Submerge, Hivemind, Six-1-Six, Art Of Escape


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Fri 6 Jun Cavern Club The One Within, King Krill, ICYU, ...
Fri 11 Apr Enigma Bar Bitchspawn, Costanza, Ivory Peacocks
Sat 15 Mar Crown & Anchor Alitha, Sean Kemp
Sat 11 Jan Enigma Bar The One Within, Trash City, Manifesto


Sat 7 Dec South Coast Raw Meatbeaters, Trench Effect, Psychodelicacy, The Clause, ...
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Fri 26 Apr South Coast Raw Venus SLY Trap, Psychodelicasy
Fri 19 Apr Squatters Arms The One Within, Blood Red Renaissance
Brickworks Markets Brickstock Live Music Festival
Sat 12 Jan Worldsend Hotel Trench Effect, Blood Red Renaissance


Fri 14 Dec Enigma Bar Cortisol, Existential Deception, Slap Granny
Sat 3 Nov Forresters & Squatters Arms Riot Runners, Audio Reign, Thalassa
Thu 11 Oct Adelaide Uni Bar Ellis Demon, Vienna, St Morris Sinners
Sat 6 Oct Fowlers Live Adelaide Zombie Walk w/ The Killgirls, Stomp The Dog
Sat 11 Aug Fowlers Live Isolation Valve, Jack Counteract, Black Chrome, Fluffy
Sat 28 Jul Enigma Bar Zero Hour, Synnove, Second to Fire
Fri 1 Jun Forresters & Squatters Arms System Of Venus, 510, Inferiority Complex
Sat 12 May Loxton Hotel The Sky Will Know, Sine For Fire, Hally, We Say Run
Sat 4 Feb Enigma Bar The Skyrats, Cherry Grind, Like Thread, One Fell Short
Thu 19 Jan Ed Castle Spirograph, Sherpa's Playground
Sat 7 Jan The Gov Lite-Edition w/ 510, Postbox Dynasty


Fri 25 Nov Enigma Bar Alilthia (Melb), Colourvision, The Aura Form
Fri 4 Nov Cavern Club Silent Psychosis, Blood Red Renaissance, TKBF
Sat 10 Sep Jade Monkey [unplugged] Minority Tradition, Joe Carvosso, Red Light Sound
Sat 27 Aug Forresters & Squatters Arms Across The Maelstrom, special guests
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Sat 26 Mar Land Of Promise Postbox Dynasty, Bitchspawn
Fri 28 Jan Enigma Bar Burn'Collect, Guilt Free
Sat 15 Jan Land Of Promise The Long Grind, Sirius, Convict Anatomy


Sat 18 Dec The Pharaoh Leather Messiah, Those Internets
Thu 25 Nov The Gov Envy Street
Sat 13 Nov Brecknock Hotel Woe, Dead Man Ink
Fri 22 Oct Forresters & Squatters Arms The Baron, Across The Maelstrom
Sat 2 Oct Crown & Anchor Terminal Zero, Forget All This
Sat 10 Jul Three D Radio 93.7FM Sound Lounge [live-to-air]
Sat 12 Jun Jade Monkey White Rhino, Electric Shitstorm
Sat 8 May Joiners Arms Forget All This, Drop Zone
Tue 30 Mar Radio Adelaide 101.5FM Live Noise [live-to-air]
Wed 17 Mar Producers Bar Inferiority Complex, Heston Drop
Fri 26 Feb Forresters & Squatters Arms Blood Red Renaissance, Inferiority Complex
Thu 4 Feb Jade Monkey Van Cleef!, 4 Kings Loud
Thu 21 Jan Crown & Anchor Team Finkle


Fri 18 Dec Forresters & Squatters Arms Standard Union, Days To Come
Sun 22 Nov Crown & Anchor Stu Daniels, British Assist
Thu 5 Nov The Gov Finger Cuffs


Thu 14 Dec 2006 Jive A Mother's Worry
Thu 20 Oct 2005 Roma Mitchell TAFE Lotosoma
Fri 1 Jul 2005 Lizard Lounge Mad Batch