Thursday 3rd September:
Bridgeway Hotel (SA)

w/ Sedulous Rouse, Wall Of Ted,
Machine Children, Entropy Disrupted
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Sunday 4th October:
Tote Hotel (VIC)

w/ Tragic Earth, Ablaze

Previous Gigs:

Thu 28 May 2015: Bridgeway Hotel (w/ MISM, The One Within)

Sat 13 Dec 2014: Enigma Bar (w/ Stray Dog Strut, Devonera, Sedulous Rouse, Stoved)
Fri 6 Jun 2014: Cavern Club (w/ The One Within, TBA)
Fri 11 Apr 2014: Enigma Bar (w/ Bitchspawn, Costanza, Ivory Peacocks)
Sat 15 Mar 2014: Crown & Anchor (w/ Alitha, Sean Kemp)
Sat 11 Jan 2014: Enigma Bar (w/ The One Within, Trash City, Manifesto)

Sat 7 Dec 2013: South Coast Raw (w/ Meatbeaters, Trench Effect, Psychodelicacy, The Clause, and more)
Fri 6 Dec 2013: Enigma Bar (w/ Engine, Inwoods)
Fri 8 Nov 2013: Worldsend Hotel (w/ Devonera, Stray Dog Strut)
Fri 18 Oct 2013: The Promethean (w/ Stray Dog Strut, Izera, Unknown Remorse)
Sat 7 Sep 2013: Crown & Anchor (w/ Hekyl, The Last Shadow, Stable Vices)
Sat 20 Jul 2013: Land Of Promise (w/ Asylum Butchery, Isolation Valve, The One Within, Existential Deception)
Sat 15 Jun 2013: Squatters Arms (w/ The Clause, Red Leather Riot)
Fri 7 Jun 2013: Shotz Pool Hall (w/ Abeyant, Inferiority Complex, Fell At 10)
Fri 26 Apr 2013: South Coast Raw (w/ Venus SLY Trap, Psychodelicasy)
Fri 19 Apr 2013: Squatters Arms (w/ The One Within, Blood Red Renaissance)
Sun 7 Apr 2013: Brickworks Markets (Brickstock Live Music Festival)
Sat 12 Jan 2013: Worldsend Hotel (w/ Trench Effect, Blood Red Renaissance)

Fri 14 Dec 2012: Enigma Bar (w/ Cortisol, Existential Deception, Slap Granny)
Sat 3 Nov 2012: Forresters & Squatters Arms (w/ Riot Runners, Audio Reign and Thalassa)
Thu 11 Oct 2012: Adelaide Uni Bar (w/ Ellis Demon, Vienna and St Morris Sinners) [with Mino]
Sat 6 Oct 2012: Fowlers Live (Adelaide Zombie Walk w/ The Killgirls and Stomp The Dog)
Sat 11 Aug 2012: Fowlers Live (w/ Isolation Valve, Jack Counteract, Black Chrome, Fluffy)
Sat 28 Jul 2012: Enigma Bar (w/ Zero Hour, Synnove and Second to Fire)
Fri 1 Jun 2012: Forresters & Squatters Arms (w/ System Of Venus, 510 and Inferiority Complex)
Sat 12 May 2012: Loxton Hotel (w/ The Sky Will Know, Sine For Fire, Hally, and We Say Run)
Sat 4 Feb 2012: Enigma Bar (w/ The Skyrats, Cherry Grind, Like Thread, One Fell Short)
Thu 19 Jan 2012: Ed Castle (w/ Spirograph, Sherpa's Playground)
Sat 7 Jan 2012: Gov Front Bar (Lite-Edition w/ 510, Postbox Dynasty, and others)[Max: drums; Lisa: bass]

Fri 25 Nov 2011: Enigma Bar (w/ Alilthia (Melb), Colourvision, and The Aura Form)
Fri 4 Nov 2011: Cavern Club (w/ Silent Psychosis, Blood Red Renaissance, TKBF)
Sat 10 Sep 2011: Jade Monkey - unplugged (w/ Minority Tradition, Joe Carvosso, Red Light Sound)
Sat 27 Aug 2011: Forrester's & Squatter's Arms (w/ Across The Maelstrom and special guests)
Fri 15 Jul 2011: Crown & Anchor (w/ Spirograph and Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity) [with Mino]
Sat 2 Jul 2011: Cavern Club (w/ Hekyl, Monkeybox and New Found Objects)
Sat 11th Jun 2011: Crown & Anchor (w/ Scylla's Ayre and Laconica) ["mk ii" ep launch]
Sat 30th Apr 2011: South Coast Raw (w/ Shot For Treason, The Paradise Syndrome and Pigsteerer)
Sat 16th Apr 2011: Land Of Promise (w/ 510, Postbox Dynasty, Mika El, and others) [with Mika]
Thu 7th Apr 2011: Cavern Club (w/ Cavefire Cinema and Here We Divide) [Lisa: bass]
Sat 26th Mar 2011: Land Of Promise (w/ Postbox Dynasty and Bitchspawn) [with Mika]
Fri 28th Jan 2011: Enigma Bar (w/ Burn'Collect and Guilt Free)
Sat 15th Jan 2011: Land Of Promise (w/ The Long Grind, Sirius and Convict Anatomy) [with Mino]

Sat 18th Dec 2010: The Pharaoh (w/ Leather Messiah and Those Internets)
Thu 25th Nov 2010: The Gov Front Bar (w/ Envy Street)
Sat 13th Nov 2010: Brecknock Hotel (w/ Woe and Dead Man Ink)
Fri 22nd Oct 2010: Forresters & Squatters Arms (w/ The Baron and Across The Maelstrom)
Sat 2nd Oct 2010: Crown & Anchor (w/ Terminal Zero and Forget All This)
Sat 10 Jul 2010: Three D Radio 93.7FM Sound Lounge [live-to-air]
Sat 12 Jun 2010: Jade Monkey (w/ White Rhino and Electric Shitstorm) [with Mino]
Sat 8 May 2010: Joiners Arms (w/ Forget All This and Drop Zone)
Tue 30 Mar 2010: Radio Adelaide 101.5FM Live Noise [live-to-air]
Wed 17 Mar 2010: Producers Bar (w/ Inferiority Complex and Heston Drop)
Fri 26 Feb 2010: Forresters & Squatters Arms (w/ Blood Red Renaissance and Inferiority Complex)
Thu 4 Feb 2010: Jade Monkey (w/ Van Cleef! and 4 Kings Loud)
Thu 21 Jan 2010: Crown & Anchor (w/ Team Finkle)

Fri 18 Dec 2009: Forresters & Squatters Arms (w/ Standard Union and Days To Come)
Sun 22 Nov 2009: Crown & Anchor (w/ Stu Daniels and British Assist)
Thu 5 Nov 2009: The Gov Front Bar (w/ Finger Cuffs) [self-titled ep launch]

Thu 14 Dec 2006: Jive (w/ A Mother's Worry) [Tim Dodd: bass; Max: drums; Larry: guitar/vocals]
Thu 20 Oct 2005: Roma Mitchell TAFE (w/ Lotosoma) [Tim Dodd: bass; Hurrell: drums; Larry: guitar/vocals]
Fri 1 July 2005: Lizard Lounge (w/ Mad Batch) [Mino Kolega: bass/vocals; Hurrell: drums; Larry: guitar/vocals]


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